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Video On Demand (VOD) Distribution

Hollydan Works Canada was founded in 1998 by D. Daniel Vujic and today it is a multi-national company with a head office in Toronto, Canada, sibling office in Belgrade, Serbia and supporting office in Tampa, USA.

Since 1998 Hollydan Works Canada distributed nearly 500 feature films Theatrically and on DVD and BlU-Ray media in over 20 countries, including theatrical exhibition and DVD / BLU-RAY releases. And over 5000 films, documentaries, music specials, and television series episodes to pay per view, video on demand, premium cable and free TV to over a dozen television networks across the Balkans, Central and Eastern Europe.

Hollydan Works Canada is the largest distributor of foreign content in Serbia and has distribution deals in place with Warner Brothers, Paramount, MGM, Lucas Films, and 20th Century Fox, and has distributed films, TV series, music specials and documentaries with budgets of over $100 million to an assortment of ‘micro budgeted’ properties at $100,000 or less.

Hollydan Works Canada's Executives are fluent in English, and in most Slavic languages, as well as French, German, Turkish and Spanish.

Hollydan Works Canada's exclusive, co-distribution and leased networks, cover; major television networks (17 television networks) and theaters (nearly 1400 theaters) and provides content to a number of hotels featuring pay-per-view, (7 hotels) and television video-on-demand networks (3 independent cable networks) in the Balkans. 

Our vast networks once covered over 43000 retail outlets, kiosks, and video stores in 18 countries, also including bookstores (62 stores) carrying feature films which were adapted from books. In addition, Hollydan Works also provided content to a chain of vending machines (400 machines) across the Balkans. 

Since 2010 the sales of DVD's and BLU-RAY's have dropped 70% and are on a worldwide sales decline, by 2020 DVD and BLU-RAY will most likely be extinct like their predecessor the VHS tape.  

​Hollydan Works Canada has five divisions: Theatrical Distribution ● TV Distribution ● Cloud VOD Distribution ● Music Distribution ● Literary Publishing. 

In 2012 Hollydan Works Canada ceased DVD and BLU-RAY distribution and replaced that media with online Video on Demand (VOD). As like in 2007 when content on Blu-Ray disks was first introduced to the worldwide market place Hollydan Works Canada was among the first to distribute content on Blu-Ray disks, and among the first to develop partnerships with premium Video on Demand platforms from around the world offering content owners a diversity of VOD outlets in which to sell their filmed content online with integrity.    

Hollydan Works Canada has always kept current with technological changes in how people watch movies, documentaries and TV series and have now expanded their distribution networks to include a Cloud Division featuring 41 popular US and International online premium VOD outlets like Google-Play / Red, Fandango, Amazon Prime worldwide, Hulu, Docurama, Indie Reign and many more, a full list can be viewed in the
VOD Outlet Section. 

Content owners may submit a request for submission of their Feature Films, TV Series or Documentaries by clicking the below SUBMIT REQUEST button. For content owners who wish to learn more information before making a submission request can click on the PDF DOWNLOAD button to download the VOD distribution brief.